Our housing affects the planet

Nearly a quarter of the UK’s energy goes into heating, lighting and powering our homes… and our housing stock is among the leakiest and most wasteful in Europe. Everyone knows that our homes need to be upgraded, but no-one knows where to start. As a nation, we’re squandering energy, pouring money down the drain, and belching CO2.

SuSy has the answer...

The free-to-use SuSy House app pulls info on individual households out of public domain databases to highlight unique energy saving opportunities. It’s like having a dedicated consultant to advise you on the best green upgrades, 24/7!

Our team

Mauro Fazion

Chief Technology Officer

Bryan Charter

Chief Executive Officer

Rosie Morgan

Chief Product Officer

Karl Hick

Board Member & Advisor

Moacyr Franco

Software Architect

Eduardo Antoniazzi

Software Developer

Fagner Correia

Data Scientist

Our partners

Department for Energy Security and Net Zero
Innovate UK
Ordnance Survey
Bristol City Leap
Scroll Finance
Phoenix Sustainable Investments