The pre-sales problem

Many householders sincerely want to ‘go green’… but, because they lack the knowledge and experience to make informed decisions, they force installers to carry out expensive and time-consuming pre-sales operations.

How SuSy helps

SuSy’s clever software proposes upgrades that are uniquely tailored to our users’ homes. The installers that partner with us rely on the app to handle the drudgery of pre-sales engagements… enabling them to keep their attention on the big stuff.

What about more complex jobs, or users who’re looking for ‘whole house’ retrofits? If more hands-on planning is required, we’ll put them in touch with a retrofit consultant to help them get started… enabling you to make your contribution without any disruption.

Revenues in the long term

SuSy’s built to last. We want our users to stay with us for the long haul, and we feel the same way about the local installers that partner with us. Every completed project strengthens the bond and points to future collaborations.

Green technologies

We’re always looking for new technologies to help our homeowners achieve their green, dream home. If you have a product you think would be a useful addition to the SuSy platform, get in touch.


Right now, we’re particularly keen to partner with specialists in heat pumps, insulation, solar PV and triple glazing, but we’re happy to hear from any business that wants to help homeowners reduce energy bills and CO2 emissions.

SuSy is free to use during the pilot phase, which will run until Summer 2023. When the pilot phase ends, you’ll pay for any new leads you’re interested in.

No, you can receive as many SuSy leads as you like.

When you sign up to our app you’ll go through a vetting process – one of our team will be in touch to request information about your business e.g. your public liability certificate. Currently, there are no specific certification schemes we require you to be part of.

The app is in its final stages of development and testing. It will be available on the App Store and Google Play very soon!