ITEM: If we could simply get solar panels onto every roof in the world, we’d have enough power to take care of at least half of humanity’s needs, and at best to supply nearly double the power required. Don’t believe it? Look!

Total world power consumption in 2020: 25,000TWh

Total number of human habitations: 1.3bn

Average roof area: 50m²

Average power availability from incident sunlight*: 0.1–0.4kW/m²


Total available power yield from rooftops: 6.5–26TW

Total potential annual energy production**: 12,000–47,000TWh

That’s something worth thinking about, isn’t it?

*Assumes 15{90108d01b5a11c2356fc64a948a69b316729753edb09480f593be925a4a17c7b} efficiency

**Assumes five hours’ sunlight

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